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July 2009



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America Runs on Dunkin

So, I've been working at Dunkin now since Monday, and so far, I totally love it. (And I haven't even eaten a single donut yet!) But I get up everyday at 445 (Ungodly, I know) and I (literally) push Tony off of me, and out of bed, and get ready for my day. (And since I'm up that early, there is usually NO fekking way that I am going to do much more than mascara in the mornings.) I have to be on the bus by 545, and that's ungodly too, but it's ok. Once I get to work, (and I get there like 40 minutes early), I sit around and do nothing, except for bull shit with customers or talk to Typh. (Kyle's fiance, so basically my cousin in law. And out of all my cousins, she's totally my fav. LOL) I get to drink all the coffee I want for free. (But I don't want to get greedy... Cause then I wouldn't be allowed.) And I try not to get caught drinking too many lattes cause we're really supposed to pay for those.... (the mix and all the fixings is CARAZY expensive.) Once I start, we usually get a rush, because HELLO, it's a donut shop, that's when we get our business, is in the freaking morning.


At lunch time I clock out, and I can cook anything I want, and it eat it for free. There's some really cool people that work there. They're all around my age and stuff, (Except for Leah, who used to be a crack head, has crazy eyes, and even though she's not retarded, she is. I asked her the same question six times today and she just kept ignoring me...) Camren, he's pretty cool. But I haven't decided if he's gay, or if he likes girls soooooooo much that he acts like one... Elizabeth... I'm not sure how old she is, because she's short and only looks like 16, but I know she's around 19 or 20 or so. She's pregnant, I think she said it's a girl. And she's got alot of baby daddy drama.... Then there's Jim, he's a giant. But you can totally tell he's the nice sort of giant, that hugs you when you cry. Then Leah. 'Nuff Said. Tabby, she makes all the pretty cakes with the penguins and the polar bears and the flowers and whatever you could possibly put on a cake. She does that. Cindy, my boss, she's a trifle strange. David, who got fired for the second time in two weeks today. Telling everyone that Typh is stealing from the registers, when EVERYONE knows it's him. I mean, really. And I think last, but not least, Typh. I never really knew how cool Typh was cause I always felt awkward around her. (Simply cause I know things about Kyle, that she should/and wouldn't want to ever know.) She's a crazy hard worker, and she's trusted with alot. I could learn alot from a girl like Typh.

Things seem to be going really well with Tony too. Which is wierd, because he's friends with Chris again... And it used to be, whenever he and Chris were together, he'd act like a total ass. Plus, Chris is the one that always took him to go hang out with Madison. And Chris called me a whore.... Yeah, I really didn't like Chris. But, I think I'm getting over that now. I guess he's not so bad. I don't know if I can handle him for long amounts of time or anything, but at least we're cool when he's at the apartment to hang out.

But back to Tony and I... It just seems UnReal how great things are between us. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I know it will, I just hope it's not soon. Tony and I plan on moving to South Carolina next year, but I think he'll chicken out. He said that when he thought he didn't have any friends left in Ohio, and he's pretty insecure for some reason, so it's really hard for him to make friends in the first place. So now that he's got his friends back, he probably won't want to go now. I don't know... I just know that even if he doesn't leave Ohio, I've got to. Probably after I finish at Lakeland, I'll try to go to SCU. So it might be more than a year, but I know I'm going. And the sad part is, even though I love him so much, and it'll be really really hard to let that go, expecially after two years (and this is me hoping we can make it that long.) I know I have to go, with or without him. And even though it's a tough reality to face, I've got to. Like I said before, I can't be stuck in Painesville my whole life. There are alot of things I really really want to do, places I've got to see. You know?

I think I'd better log off now, before this gets just a little bit to personal for the internet.

the credit for my default Icon goes to collapsing night. (the robot one, not the donuts i used for this entry.)



I love your Robot icon so much.
And omg you make Dunkin sound awesome. :D Except for that part about waking up early, that doesn't. lol
I'm so glad things are going well with you and Tony. He sounds like a real sweet heart! :D Boys always have stupid friends *grumbles* CALL ME LATER!!!!